About Me

Originally from the Finger Lakes region of NY, I’ve been a performing musician since my early teens.  I’ve been teaching music for nearly 15 years, beginning during my studies at college.  I graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Classical Guitar in 2005, where I gained a solid foundation in Music Theory, pedagogy, performance practice, technique and literature of the guitar.  Following my classical studies I continued my musical education at the University of Washington in Seattle, where I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology in 2010.  Ethnomusicology afforded me the opportunity to study many different styles of music and the role it plays in peoples’ lives all over the world.

My educational background is reflected in my teaching methodology.  While I think that it is very important to obtain a solid technique on your instrument and understanding of theory, it is equally important to find the soul of each tune and dig into the creative elements that move us to play.  My goal as an instructor is to give you the tools to explore, enjoy and produce music for yourself.  Everyone’s musical aspirations are different, and my lessons are tailored to each student’s individual tastes and goals.  My students are given opportunities to perform in quarterly recitals, work in ensembles and record their repertoire.  See my Lesson Page for additional information

These days, in addition to teaching and performing music, my world primarily revolves around my little boy.  His instant love of music and dance made me gravitate towards baby and toddler centered music education and creation.  As an ethnomusicologist, my early music education program incorporates language, melody, and rhythms from around the world.  See my Let’s Groove, Baby! page for more information.  Think Global, Play Local!