Annapolis Neighborhood Music

Welcome to Annapolis Neighborhood Music!  My name is Erin Maloney, and I’ve been teaching music for over 15 years. I teach house-call lessons in the Annapolis area, or in my downtown studio.  Specializing in fingerstyle, classical and folk guitar, ukulele, mandolin & bass guitar, I accept students of all levels, ages and musical interests.

Lessons are tailored to each student’s musical goals, tastes and abilities.  My goal is to make each student fall in love with their instrument playing songs that they want to play, rather than checking off exercises in a book.  We learn technique, theory, and performance practice through the music that you are interested in.

Private lessons are conducted weekly, 45 minutes per lesson.  I book a full hour for extra help, questions and chatting, so I’m never in a hurry to end a lesson.  No additional cost for lessons at your home if you’re within 15 minutes of downtown Annapolis, and a small travel fee may apply if you’re outside the main service area.

Group lessons are also conducted on a weekly basis, and durations vary depending on group size.  Group lessons are a good option for friends looking to learn their instruments without breaking the bank, as these lessons are much cheaper per person.  Group lessons are primarily for people that are beginners, or a group of people that are at the same level of skill on their instruments.



If you don’t have an instrument but you’re considering lessons, contact me for advice on purchasing your first instrument.  This advice is free of charge, and I am happy to provide guidance.  There are many guitars, ukuleles and mandolins out there for sale that seem to be made as decorations more than functional instruments!  Many people have been put off by shoddy instruments that are difficult to tune or to play, and fighting an unplayable instrument shouldn’t be one of the concerns of a beginner. Knowing what to look for in an instrument is not very obvious for someone that doesn’t play, and I can help find something to fit your style and your budget!


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